Keeping the house clean is a pretty basic and mandatory task for every person. It is not just for health and hygiene purposes, but living in a clean home is pleasing for the mind as well. At certain times we may require to hire professional cleaning services, but if we can set some rules for cleaning the home ourselves, we can save a lot and at the same time enjoy the pleasure of dwelling in a clean and hygienic place all the time.


Here are three tips from professional cleaning services experts that can help you to maintain an easy cleaning regime for your home:

  1. Decluttering is the first rule

Most of us have the habit of keeping things which are really not necessary anymore. Unless the things are closely related to some special memories, it is best to let them go. Professionals opine that if you are not using certain things for over six months, it is better to let go of them. The majority of the clutter is accumulated in the wardrobe closets and we must start decluttering from there. The task of decluttering your wardrobe closet will become easy if you take some time every month and organise your clothes and keep the ones which you use or need.


  1. Use cleaning fabrics and gloves that are easy to maintain

Microfiber is considered to be the most convenient cleaning cloth to maintain. They are better than rag cloth as they dry up very quickly. This implies that they do not allow the building up of bacteria.

The same theory applies to rubber gloves as you will surely need them to clean up messy places like your bathroom or kitchen. Experts’ advice from providers of professional cleaning services is to keep separate gloves for separate places. Once you use them, just wash them off thoroughly and hand them to dry out.

  1. Regular cleaning means easy deep-cleaning

If you keep cleaning certain places in your house on a regular basis, for sure you won’t have to worry much while deep-cleaning those places. For instance, if you clean your kitchen and bathroom regularly, then the deep-cleaning session for these places will be easier. Just lightly scrubbing the toilet bowl and kitchen sink daily will help you immensely. It will be wise to develop a habit of doing these along with wiping the kitchen counter with a piece of wet cloth after cooking every day will be enough to make your deep-cleaning process easy.

Keeping your home clean is your responsibility. Professional cleaning services from On Time Cleaning are there to help you when you really need them. But, as said ‘cleanliness is next to godliness; it is best to grow the habit of keeping your home clean and feel the bliss of clean ambiance.