Covid-19 has arrived earlier this year and has come to change the world. We, professional cleaning services Tanah Merah, Loganhome, Cornubia, Eagleby, Mount Cotton, Daisy Hill, have had to adjust. You learn the coronavirus everywhere you are, either on TV or on social media. On Time Cleaning has been closed for around a month to be able to adjust to this latest task. Yeah, we did it. We’ve been running again since the beginning of May. As an important company that we are, we are now able to combat the coronavirus. The health and the protection of the workers are the most relevant to us. We ‘re here because of you.

house cleaning services Tanah Merah, Loganhome, Cornubia, Eagleby, Mount Cotton, Daisy Hill

Our business was still more than accustomed to working regularly against batteries, so we needed to take different steps. Much like:

Raise awareness. We ‘re referring to the manager so that we’re going to the same place. Advice such as not scratching their mouths or preventing agglomerations. Sometimes, please remember not to meet people to let them know if they have any signs, and let others learn. When anyone from the team doesn’t feel well, they will not work for 15 days.

Hand washing. Much as major health organizations suggest, workers are encouraged to wash their hands with soap and warm water many times during and before washing.

Wearing masks and gloves.Such steps are the most significant since the COVID-19 is transmitted by coughing and contacting objects. Our team is being secured, so are you.

Disinfect cleaning tools.We had this routine before the coronavirus epidemic, but with this intervention, we are tougher. Before and during every cleaning cycle, mops and vacuums, all cleaning equipment is cleaned and disinfected.

house cleaning services


CDC and WHO (World Health Organization) prescribe routine washing and disinfection in the house or laboratory. We ‘re concerned about the headlines we see every day from tv to mobile. Moving back from home wasn’t meant to be one of them.

Cleanliness is just what we do. Security and peace of mind are what we want to offer you. You and your families or friends are secure with us.

Why Us?

On Time Cleaning has been working following the declaration of a stay-at-home presidential order. Also, as a house cleaning company, we closed for a month so that our employees could be with the children. There hasn’t been much detail since. So, we wanted to reassure ourselves that we were the best qualified for you, for our team and you. We’re happy now.

As an independent business that we are, we try to do our bit with the city.

We value your faith and your understanding. Some questions or something that hasn’t been so obvious, please let us know. We ‘re here to help you out.