Cleaning your home twice in a week is okay, but there are few things that are expecting more focus from you to be cleaned up. Yes, things which are being used on a regular basis are need a proper clean up for the next use. For example, microwave; it provides hot well-cooked food but the stains and food remains can hamper the inside surface may cause building up germs. Hence, here is a list of few things that need cleaning up right away. Otherwise, you can also seek expert cleaning services of “On Time Cleaning” that will help you out in this case.

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The sponge cleaning

First thing you need to clean the sponge itself. Every time you wash and clean your dishes with the same sponge might affect your pots and dishes cutleries as well. The sponge absorbs the food particles while drowned with the water and hence after a certain period of time the particles build germs and dirt inside the sponge. Not cleaning your sponge regularly can also affect your skin by giving rashes.


The microwave interior

It looks delicious when a cooked food or baked cake comes out from the microwave. But have you ever imagined the condition of the inside surface of the microwave? Well, the sprinkles and spills along with the heat can damage your microwave and also create germs for not cleaning properly. So, clean the microwave at least thrice in a week to avoid such unwanted circumstances. You can use white vinegar for disinfecting the inside surface.

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The container of the coffee maker

Starting the day with a cup of coffee is relaxing. But what about the cleanup? A continuous process of making coffee can leave the pot with rubbish from the coffee beans, lime lines, and hard water which combine dirt. Once a week, your coffee container needs cleaning. You can keep that in your checklist while house cleaning.

The dustbin

Not cleaning your thrash can regularly cause the bad odor inside the kitchen.  Spraying the room freshener won’t help you for long. Also, a dirty dustbin can be a shelter for many yucky worms and insects as well. Hence, cleaning and disinfecting is the topmost requirement when it comes to house cleaning.

Also, you need to go through to your washing machine, dishwasher, door and window handles, switches, basin sink, etc. If you are not able to schedule the cleaning then take the helping hand from “On Time Cleaning’’ provides the best house cleaning services in Tanah Merah, Loganholme, Cornubia, Eagleby, Mount Cotton, Daisy Hill.